Gentle Flow - This class is designed to get back to basics. Its perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to build the foundations of their practice. 

All Levels Flow - Just as the name suggests this class is accessible for anyone, even if you are a complete newbie or have been practicing yoga for a while. It is a great balance of strengthening and stretching, targeting all areas of the body.  

Freedom Flow -  A combination of our Gentle Flow & All Levels Class. Expect to be challenged with lots of time to relax and re ground. Accessible to all. 

Yin - Yin is accessible to anyone, it is a class where all the poses take place on the floor, holding the postures any where from 1 -5 minutes. Allowing ourselves to stretch deeper into the facia, and connective tissues creating more mobility in the body. This a great class to counteract a more active lifestyle.  

Freedom Sessions - Private yoga class designed specifically around your needs, and what you are wanting from your yoga and meditation practice. Learn more and book your own Freedom Session today. 

Pricing & Packages

We offer a variety of class packages, if you have any question please reach out and we will be happy to help you choose the pass that aligns with your yoga journey. 

We are transitioning to our new schedule and our new class passes, all current passes you have must be used by November 28th 2017

New Class Passes effective December 2017 :

1 Class a week for 8 weeks - $120 (same per class as our current 5 class)

2 Classes a week for 8 weeks - $220 (same per class as our current 10 class)

3 Classes a week for 8 weeks - $280 (less per class than our 20 class card) 

Registration for our new schedule will open November 15th, read all about our new schedule and our exciting transition! 



The Fine Print:

*Passes are non transferable, and non refundable

Class Passes expire November 28th 2017