Bows of Gratitude

Hello Yogi's

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday and staying warm and cozy, Katie here and I am very excited to write our first blog post. We have had our doors open for almost three weeks and I am floored by the love and support this community has been offering. I am so grateful and honoured to have had you walk through these doors, to share space, to share practice, or even a smile. 

I have been dreaming and sculpting this place in my mind for what feels like my whole life. I am so very humbled to offer you a space where you feel like you are getting the warmest, snuggest hug, the type your Grandma gives you when you haven't seen her for a while. Where in an instant you know you are safe, you are welcomed, you are loved for exactly who you are today. We are proud to offer a variety of classes that appeal to all comfort levels, and then the ones that push a lil bit past your comfort level, because to be honest thats where the magic happens. 

We have big plans for the New Year and we invite you to join us as we learn, grow, be inspired, be you and be free. Keep posted by signing up for our newsletter, in the next couple weeks we will be releasing a bunch of info for a ton of events coming up in early 2015. 

Deep bows of love and gratitude, the divine within me bows to the divine within you, Namaste. 


Katie Jolicoeur (Wagner)