New Years Resolutions.....

Happy December 28! Hope you all had and are continuing to have an amazing Holiday Season. Indulged in the good food and the good wine for a few days, I know I did, but thats what life is all about enjoyment, and a little bit of balance. 

By this time people have usually started thinking about New Years Resolutions as it is just around the corner. Often New Years Resolutions are built around this feeling of guilt that we carry after overindulging during the holidays. So we often just spout out resolutions like "I am going to loose that 5 pounds, make more money, take a trip "ext. There is nothing wrong wit these resolutions, but they are flat. They don't evoke any emotion, or get you excited or lit up. So when we are disconnected from our goals or resolutions they often don't last because they lack passion, they lack soul. You need to dig deeper then that, what feelings are you wanting to evoke once you achieve these things on your list? Thats what you're really after is that feeling, whether you are wanting to feel sexy, and you think losing those last few pounds will do it. Yes the feeling may be there for a little while, but its not going to last forever. What can you start implementing into your life everyday that makes you feel sexy? Maybe you do a morning meditation on self love, maybe you wear your favourite shirt to go get groceries, by making these little changes daily you can start feeling the way you want to feel everyday. And if working out and eating good makes you feel sexy then go for it. I know when i am moving my body daily and eating the best I can I feel sexy too. 

By figuring out how you want to feel and then building your goals around that feeling you are way more likely to make it last, to achieve those feelings. Yes sometimes its challenging and  its hard, but once you figure out a small handful of feelings that you would like to experience in all aspects of your life (called core desired feelings as stated by the amazing Danielle Laporte), you remind yourself of those feelings every morning and do your best to make decisions based on those feelings. Is doing this going to make me feel that? It really can be that simple if you let it. 

The other thing to remember is to be kind with yourself, everyone has off days, we can't be lit up and inspired every moment of everyday. In life we must feel and experience all emotions and aspects of life, the yin and yang. So if you have a bad day or week take some time for yourself, feel what you need to feel, then do a meditation what ever that looks like to you and let it go. Don't berate yourself with guilt or self loathing it will not make anything better only worse. So forgive yourself, love yourself, and come back to your core desired feelings, come back to your centre, your soul. 

Do things that make you feel connected and alive, do them solely for that purpose, cause thats why we are here to live, to feel, to connect. So take 5 minutes to have a mini dance party and shake and move your body, take time in nature, to feel your feet connected to the earth, drink more water, have a glass of wine with friends and laugh from your belly, make silly faces, give bear hugs, and love, love yourself, love your tribe, your true friends that lift you up at all times. 

"Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerful thing you can do with your life." Danielle Laporte


To dig deeper in to this work and into yourself join our 30day Yoga & Wellness Challenge, its taking a holistic approach and look at implementing this practice in to your life. Register online or in studio. Early Bird Pricing until December 31st. 

I am also hosting a Desire Map Workshop at the studio at the End of February, visit the Desire Mapping page on the Be Free Yoga website. Enjoy the rest of your 2014 and lets get connected to ourselves and our feeling as we move into the New Year. 

Sending Love