108 Sun Salutations & The Shine Festival

This coming Friday March 20, 2015 on the spring equinox I have the amazing opportunity to guide a 108 sun salutation challenge at the Shine Lifestyle & Yoga Festival, taking place at the St. Albert Enjoy Centre. At first I was really excited when this opportunity was presented to me, but my second thought was I have never done this myself how am I going to lead other people through this? So I committed to taking my morning today to complete 108 sun salutations.

I woke up, put my stretchy pants on, rearranged the furniture in my living room and unrolled my mat. I decided the best way to keep track of the count, was to do 9 sets of 12 to equal 108 total. The first set of 12 I did a modified version to give my body the time it needed to warm up and work all the stiffness out first thing this morning. Then went into the full variation after that. I started working up a sweat pretty quickly as I moved my body with breath. As suspected my biggest challenge I faced was the mental challenge, I was kind to my body taking a modified variation when I needed it, but checked in and stayed with a full variation when I was wanting to give up and needed to challenge myself a little further. The time passed surprisingly quickly and I made it through 2 records front and back (Florence & the Machine, and Cat Power).

Nearing the end, I had about 30 left to go is when it got really challenging, my body was getting tired, and I was starting to get frustrated. I allowed myself some time at the top of my mat to rest and to breath, breathing through the frustration instead of running from it, eventually I softened into it and it passed. The last 8 my husband jumped in and finished it off with me, along with our dog Lily who had been hanging out on my mat for most of it (obviously for moral support).

I had expectations that it was going to be very challenging and I didn't know if I would even be able to finish. I stayed present with each vinyasa, and it was challenging, but listening to my body, taking breaks and slowing down when I needed to really helped make this experience a positive one. If this is something that you have always wanted to try, I say go for it! If you want the support and guidance through it, you can join me and fellow teacher Brandon this coming Friday at 7pm for only $10 at the Enjoy Centre.  I feel like a puddle now in the best way possible, hope to see you on your mat on Friday!