Meet Averyl

We are sooo lucky to have Averyl as part of our community.  She always goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcomed. 

We asked her:
Why is connecting with our students and your community so important?

She said:  

I think connection is so important for yoga instructors. Being accessible and available to talk to and be open with is a part of the job that I absolutely love. 

I've always been interested in peoples stories and this is such a great way to connect with people on such a deep and meaningful level. Hands on adjustments are beautiful and help to let people know they're seen and cared for and safe. That I'm able to help deepen a pose for an advanced practitioner to a place they never knew they could go or help realign a beginner in a way that makes the pose more comfortable is a way to use my knowledge as a gift. 

"Knowledge is of no use until you put it into practice" - Checkhov 

I remember at a training I had an instructor tell me how important it is to remember peoples names. For some reason that has ALWAYS stuck with me.  She, "If you're not good at remembering peoples names… get good at it."  It was that simple and I took that literally. 

I make a point of trying to learn and remember everyones names now and I truly think it makes people feel so good! They feel memorable and recognized as a person rather than just another client. I know that when a person remembers my name (which is tough so it doesn't' happen often) it makes me feel really good inside!