Meet Kassandra

You have probably seen this bright eyed beauty around the studio if you practice during the day. Kassandra leads her classes with a sense of calm and ease. See how yoga has helped in her life. 

We asked her:

How has practising yoga helped with your anxiety in your everyday life? 

 I still struggle to some degree with stress/anxiety and tend to take on too much at times.  However, this used to be much worse for me.  I would lay awake all night worrying about things I couldn't control.

 I would hold things inside for so long that would eventually lead to panic and anxiety attacks. My health was starting to decline, my energy was low, and I was experiencing mood swings.

Yoga has helped ease my mind and nourish my soul.  Yoga is my escape from the business of life and teaches me to be present and comfortable with where I am now.  

Through yoga I have also learned to control my breathing, which allows me to calm my nerves and get through stressful situations with more ease and comfort. Yoga has also allowed me to slow down and take better care of myself.