Client Profile- Lynette

What brought you in to Be Free Yoga?

 I have always been physically active and 2 years ago took up jogging again in a more competitive manner - wanting to run a full marathon.  Well I completed the half marathon but then my knees gave out and then they continued to ache.  

I heard about Be Free Yoga through Justine at Black Fox Studio and decided
to give it a try, honestly not really expecting to like it because to me exercise meant a good cardio workout.

What do you love about Be Free Yoga?

What I love about Be Free Yoga - Is everything.  It is a relaxed atmosphere, everyone is extremely friendly and the personal attention given during the classes helps to improve everyone's yoga. 

How has yoga helped in your everyday life?

 Before I began yoga my knees were extremely stiff, making simple things like gardening and playing with my granddaughter painful.  

As well my balance has improved and also my core strength. I finally have core strength, which I thought you could only get after doing sit ups.  

Stopping at yoga on the way home from work has become a routine. I look forward to-taking time to slow down, listen to my body and challenge myself to improve my yoga poses.

What is your favourite yoga class?

For me my favorite yoga class is based more on the time of day than the level of class - the 4 o'clock class fits my schedule perfectly, conveniently on my way home from work.  The soothing music and Katie's awesome teaching keep me coming back for more.