Meet Jody

Jody teaches our Prenatal yoga with Averyl. Having two boys herself and practicing yoga throughout both of her pregnancies we asked her:

How practicing yoga helped her with her pregnancies?

Jody: Being pregnant is magical.  You are nourishing a new life; but with it comes BIG changes, physically, emotionally, mentally….it takes it's toll.

I am beyond grateful to have been able to continue my yoga practice throughout both my pregnancies.  Coming onto my mat, a place where I could ground myself, breathe it all in, and slow down from my day, and bond with my baby.

Yoga definitely helped me handle all the changes each pregnancy brought, not to mention all the changes after baby comes home.  It has kept me agile and strong, but even more importantly, has wove itself into my everyday - by reminding me to stay present, soak up the moments with my boys and  not be so hard on myself - we all do our best!

Whether your taking a pre-natal class or a regular class, I look forward to seeing you on your mat.