Meet Lindsay

If you frequent the Yin classes then you have most likely had Lindsay's friendly voice and smile guide you through your postures. Lindsay found Yin after a few years of doing a mostly a more high paced physical practice. So we asked her what brought her to yin and why she loves it! 

How has yin yoga influenced you in your life?

Personally for myself it took a serious break to my calcaneus (heel bone) and as a result major surgery to truly appreciate yin.

Before my injury I had trouble appreciating the practice of yin yoga; the slowing down of your breath, the longer holds & the emotions that often come up during those long moments of silence. I craved the physical challenge of a more vigorous practice.

As an elementary school teacher & a very type A person my life was always go-go-go. Trying to figure out how I can get the most out of my day, never really slowing down.

After I had surgery  and received a pretty awful long term prognosis from the surgeons I had to slow down. I was put on bed rest for a minimum of 12 weeks and had to really do some soul searching as to how I was going to handle my "new-normal".

Once I was cleared for weight bearing I immediately threw myself into a consistent yin practice. I needed to get back to my yoga community. I needed to feel like not all was lost. The first few classes were very emotional & physically challenging.

Soon enough I began to appreciate the practice and most importantly the process of letting go, creating space in my body as well as in my heart. I began to heal myself from both the physical trauma of my injury and emotional trauma. As a result I began to heal faster and with a lot of determination and tears begin break down the barriers that were in front of me.

Why do you think yin yoga is such an important practice?

Yin yoga is important because it provides a space to let go; physically and emotionally from whatever you are holding onto.

It is a personal practice where you have the opportunity to get to know your body and how your emotional stress and anxiety has a physical effect on your body. Yin yoga detoxifies the body and soul.

I encourage everyone to at least try to integrate yin yoga into their routine, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised on how it transfers into your everyday life and how it compliments your other physically practices.