Instagram Challenge

Welcome to Be Free Yoga's first Instagram Challenge! Running from Monday May 4- Sunday May 18. One of the prizes we are giving away is a pair of tickets to Wanderlust 108 Edmonton!

Rules of the challenge:

1) Make sure to tag us in your photos @befreeyogasg

2) Use the hashtags #befreeyoga #beinspired #beyou #befreeyogachallenge 

3) Write a blurb about each challenge, and have fun! 

Here are your daily challenges! 

1) Your Favourite Yoga Pose

2) 10 Minute Meditation

3) Mother Nature Appreciation

4) Treat Your Self! 

5) Your Favourite Place in Spruce Grove (or your Community) 

6) Pose in Progress

7) Mothers Love (Yes Mother Nature Counts!)

8) Monday Mediation

9) Random Fun Fact about You

10) Stop and give me 10- 10 Belly Breaths that is! 

11) Random Act of Kindness

12) Face your Fear

13) Stop Drop and Yoga

14) Self Love