Meet Keira

Meet Keira, 

You have probably seen her infectious smile around the studio, and had the chance to take her creative classes.  We asked her a few questions about teaching yoga and why she loves it so much.


Why do you teach yoga?

I love it! I teach yoga because I believe in it. Because it has, and continues to change my life! Because every moment I do yoga is a moment that brings me closer to my true self.

Yoga is a never-ending journey of exploration...and possibly also a life-long-love-story! The philosophy of yoga SO quenches my thirst, and the physical practice is the most beautiful and simple way to be good to yourself, get quiet, train your focus, move your body, and get out of your thinking mind...and into your warm, fuzzy, ever-expanding heart. YESSSS!! 

One of the most spectacular qualities of yoga is that it shows us that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for; whether in stillness or action, strength or surrender, expressing or understanding.

It is my intention as a yoga teacher to encourage my students; to "en-cour-age" them - to get them into their hearts, so that they may find, feel, understand and express the love within themselves.

In my opinion, a yoga teacher is someone who has fallen in love with yoga; someone who is always curious and thirsty for more experience and understanding, someone who begins anew and falls in love with yoga for a new reason every day, and most importantly, someone who wishes to share this transformative gift and practice with others so that they too may fall in love.

Do you believe yoga is for everybody and every body? why?

Yes of course! I believe that yoga can be tailored to every single personality and body.

Yoga really has no limits, so if someone believes that they cannot do yoga because of some kind of limitation, I would encourage or even challenge them to find a way of doing yoga that is good for them; if you haven't found 'your yoga' yet, ask a yoga teacher you trust to help you find a yoga that you love and that makes you feel good. 'Your yoga' may be a consistent practice for many years, or it may evolve, just as the weather, the moon and the seasons do, and the times of your life.

We are natural, organic, living beings on and of the Earth, and Yoga is one way to nurture that identity and connection. To breathe the air around you, to connect yourself to the ground below you. To pay attention to the wellness of your mind and body...and even your spirit.

To enliven your senses. To remember that everything is connected. Connection - Union...what the word yoga actually means - from the root word 'yuj' which means to yoke or to connect. 

I'd love it if you came and practiced with me!
Let's soften the illusion of separation, to see the interconnected web of life more clearly with every moment we practice.
Let's acknowledge our fears and resistances, and let them loosen their grip on us.
Let's live from a place of love, more and more, everyday.

"Practice and all is coming" - Sri Pattabhi Jois


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