Client Profile Norm

Norm comes to Be Free Yoga and Bloom Therapy quite regularly driving out from Edmonton. He has been a student of Katie's and a client of Kristy's for a while now. So we asked him about his yoga journey and why he makes the trek out to Spruce Grove. 


What brought you to yoga?

A funny story. My son’s girlfriend was staying with us during the summer five years ago. One night, she told me to put on shorts and T-shirt because I was coming with them. I asked where I was going. She said: “To yoga.” My response was: “I’m going to yoga???”

Two hours later, we were back at home and my son’s girlfriend, who has since become a yoga instructor, was showing me how to do basic things like downward facing dog and chaturanga because I butchered them so bad during class.

Two months passed, my son and his girlfriend went back out to Vancouver Island, and I suggested to my wife that we should try another class. My yoga journey had begun.

What has been the biggest benefit since you started practicing?

At age 59, I have enjoyed several unexpected benefits. Initially, it was just the feeling of peace and calm after classes.

Then I noticed my flexibility had improved and the pulled groins and hamstrings I was getting in activities like hockey and slo-pitch stopped happening. Then I started handling stress at work much better (in part using yoga’s focus on controlled breathing) and a yoga class in the morning could make whatever stress I still felt go away.

Then I noticed that my upper body was much stronger, that I suddenly could do a lot of push-ups after a lifetime of being the guy on the beach who always got sand kicked in his face.

But after five years of practice, the thing which keeps bringing me back to yoga is that awesome sense of peace, calm and relaxation at the end of class, no matter how hard I had worked.

What surprised you the most about yoga?

How hard it was to hold some of the poses, the sense of achievement I felt when when a difficult pose (for me) was mastered, and also how relaxed I always felt at the end of class.

Why Be Free Yoga?

Even though I started with hot yoga, I wanted to support Katie’s new business because she was my favourite teacher at Moksha in Edmonton, and that’s saying something because all of their teachers are well-trained.

Katie is so friendly, has such a kind heart, and is so passionate about yoga. She leads each class with a calm, relaxed delivery, yet still makes you work as hard as you want. She finds creative ways to make each class feel different and assists students who need help adjusting or correcting poses.

But I’m finding the same can also be said about Katie’s other instructors at Be Free.