Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie, she teaches almost everything around here at Be Free Yoga. She has such a calm manner and beautiful smiling face that guides you ease-fully through your practice. We asked her a few questions about her teaching style and why she loves yoga.  

Why do you teach yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for over three years, I decided to take teacher training to deepen my personal practice and learn different aspect of yoga then just the physical side that i knew so well. After taking the training I fell in love with the possibility of teaching, and have been teaching ever since. My favourite thing about teaching is watching students relax and let go, so many people come in to the studio stressed and anxious but after a class they leave smiling and relax, that is such a beautiful transformation. This is why I teach because I love helping people connect to there breath and body and find peace, even if its just a couple minutes a day on there mat. 

What is your goal or intention when you teach a yoga class?

Yoga is for absolutely everyone, and thats how I like to teach. My goal in each class is to listen to everyones needs and incorporate it into a sequence. My aim is to give lots of modifications so everyone can participate and enjoy there practice. 

What is the biggest benefit you have received from your practice?

I have dealt with chronic daily migraines for over 8 years now and yoga has helped me in so many ways. Eight years ago when I first started having pain I refused to work out because it would make the pain worst. Once I found yoga everything changed, yoga was the only form of exercise that didn't make my pain worst. Dealing with chronic pain or any type of pain is not easy, it effect your body and mind.  Yoga has help me strengthen my body and keep me sane, it is my form of pain management, my medicine. Moving with my breath helps reduce my stress and helps my muscles relax, it also helps me stay focused. One of the biggest things yoga has taught me is to listen to my body and back off when something is not right. Yoga has benefited me in so many ways, and it continues to change my life each and everyday!