Meet Demera

She has been coming to Be Free Yoga pretty much since we opened back in November. It's a pleasure having her warm smile and energy around the studio. We asked her about her yoga journey and her time here so far at Be Free. 

What brought you to yoga?

Interestingly enough my younger brother wanted to try it out and we started going together. It became something for my brother and I to do which was great and I loved the strength I found in myself and just continued practicing. I practiced throughout my whole pregnancy even at 39 weeks! And fell in love with it all over again after having my daughter.


How has yoga helped in your everyday life?

Yoga gives me something to look forward to every week. It is time for me to do something for myself and has become a place for my emotions to be recognized. I crave it! Yoga allows me to "workout" and feel strong and helps me quiet my mind (sometimes!).


What do you love about Be Free Yoga?

I love the atmosphere Katie has created and Katie's beautiful spirit. I feel so welcome every time I enter the studio. Be Free opened the same month I moved to Spruce Grove so it was meant to be.


Would you recommend Be Free Yoga to other people? 

Absolutely! I love the teachers, the workshops, and the help in deepening my yoga practice. I even brought a group of friends to a yoga class to celebrate my birthday. There is a lot of variety in classes and the schedule.