Meet Amber

Amber teaches a beautiful Gentle and All Levels Flow classes here at Be Free Yoga. She is always eager to learn more and bring you the best class possible. We love having her warm, comforting smile here at the studio. 

What got you in to yoga?

I originally started yoga as I wanted to do something different for a workout and heard it was also great for you mental health. 

Why did you decide to teach yoga?

I decided to teach yoga because once I started practicing yoga helped better my life in so many ways and I wanted to be able to share my knowledge and passion with other people and in turn hopefully help some people as it helped me, both in my physical and mental life. 


What is your intention behind your classes?

I want people to feel in a safe and comfortable environment and I want them to grow in some way each practice. And that growth could be anything from holding a pose for 1 second longer challenging themselves to quieting their mind for an extra second.  I also want people to feel comfortable asking me any questions before during or after a practice.  


I noticed you are really great at making people feel comfortable when they come to the studio, why is this important to you?

This is so important to me as I feel in so many other facets of our lives we are in a judgement zone, and for me yoga is a place I go to feel comfortable in my own skin and in my own practice and I want other people to have that same feeling.  From the second people walk into the studio I want them to be able to just breathe and focus on themselves and not worry about what anyone else around them is thinking or doing. 

What is the biggest thing you have learned or received or benefited from yoga?

For me yoga has allowed me to quiet my thoughts. I deal with a lot of anxiety and through yoga I have been able to calm my mind. Yoga has also taught me to be more understanding as a person and less judgemental.  It has taught me to focus more on myself and what affects me directly and in turn has led me to be a happier wife, mother and friend.