Client Profile Donna

Meet Donna, we absolutely love having her sweet smile and cute giggle around the studio and in our community. We asked her about her yoga journey and her love affair with Yin Yoga.  

What brought you to yoga?

I was introduced to yoga about 5 years ago. I have fibromyalgia and from research I discovered that yoga could offer relief and hopefully some control. 

I noticed you tend to frequent Yin yoga classes, why?

It is so gentle, yet so powerful. As I enter a pose and continue to hold it I feel myself slipping into that fantastic "me" place that I can't seem to find anywhere else. All the day's thoughts disappear. The lists, the must dos, all the thoughts that invade our privacy. I have spent the sat few years trying to rid my life of "stuff" but clearing that from our minds sometimes takes even more effort. Yin helps find that. And the stretching - who can forget that great feeling as you reach through the pose and feel your muscles respond happily?

What have been the biggest benefits of your yoga practice?

Definitely controlling my fibromyalgia. And the added peace to my soul:). Oh and the stretching. 

What do you love about Be Free Yoga?

 I have tried numerous studios and while enjoying the yoga experience (mostly) I haven't felt at home. Never quite knowing if I'm doing a pose "right", finding my thoughts wandering. Be Free Yoga, Katie and all her staff are open, friendly, supportive and so pleased to always be there. Their quiet souls feed the session and when you leave you take that with you!

I think right now you can classify me as one of those healthy, relatively fit people who might not look it. I walk religiously 12,000 steps a day, when there is no snow my husband and I bike 10 km a day, and I have a trainer that I work with and follow a home exercise program with weights several times a week.

Be Free Yoga has been the final gift I give myself as part of my endeavour to be healthy.