Kids Yoga.... whats all the hype?

Kids yoga has recently become very popular at most yoga studios and is now being brought in to some schools as well. So why teach yoga to kids?

I have been teaching kids yoga for a few years and it's one of the best and most meaningful parts of the "job". I have taught kids in schools, at yoga studios,  in more public settings, and I have noticed a common trend through all if them, the kids love the time to play and learn the poses, but they also love the time to be quiet and be with their breath. 

Kids are exposed to stresses just as adults are, school can be stressful, home can be stressful, and if they don't have proper tools to cope with stress or anxiety it can get very overwhelming. Life is busy for most families going from one activity to the next and often not having much time to just be present. By introducing yoga to kids at a young age it gives them the ability to learn how to tune in to their breath  and check in with them selves and their feelings, and become more aware of their body. 

By teaching and continuing to reinforce practices on how to be mindful and cope with stress at such a young age, they will have a few more tools in their tool belt to handle the constant change of adolescents and then adult hood. 

Interested in finding some kids yoga? We are having a Kids Yoga Camp running from July 13- 17th 130-230pm, ages 4-8.  Click here to register and for more information.