Client Profile Sarah

We had the pleasure of meeting Sarah back in November shortly after we opened. She quickly became a regular at the 4pm class, and we have really enjoyed getting to know her and having her bright energy around the studio, and its been a pleasure to watch her practice grow over the months. So we asked her a few questions about her yoga journey and why she enjoys Be Free Yoga. 

What brought you to yoga?

My grade 5 teacher was the first person to introduce me to yoga. She had just been to India to do her teacher training and would always talk about hanging upside down and would show us all these strange positions that were suppose to make her feel better. It stuck with me and when I was 18 or so I decided to go to my first hot Yoga class. I hated it and I think I even puked after. I'd go randomly hoping that I would fall In love with it but it wasn't till I won a free month of yoga while I was living in Vancouver that I finally got hooked. I went every single day and finally started to understand some of the poses and could get the breathing down pat. I've had a monthly yoga pass ever since :)


How has yoga benefited you in your everyday life?

Yoga has benefited me in so many ways! It's my "me" time and such a nice break from the day.  I can turn my busy mind off for an hour and only concentrate on what pose I'm in and fully concentrate on my breath. I also take that breath outside of the classroom and use it to relax myself at home or work or whatever situation I'm in. My body is so much stronger as well which makes all my other activities easier whether it's running, hiking, biking, or snowboarding. 


What is your favourite class to attend at Be Free Yoga?

My favourite class is the all levels flow with Katie :)


What makes Be Free Yoga stand out to you from other yoga studios?

I love the small class sizes and the great adjustments from all the teachers. I've been doing certain poses wrong for years because I've been in such large class sizes that no one has corrected me. At Be free the teachers give lots of hands on adjustments which is so so helpful! It's also an adorable little studio.  I love the colours and decor :)