Client Profile Rebecca, Nelson & Charlotte

Rebecca and Nelson are husband and wife that started coming to Be Free Yoga together, and Charlotte is their daughter, she joined us for the kids camp we had in July. We love having this family of yogis at the studio, all of them have such a positive vibe, and a smile to offer when they come in. 


Why did you start coming to yoga? and What made you keep coming?

NELSON:    For me it was the physical aspect. I notice muscles starting to get stiffer and more discomfort in my body. Also a couple pulled muscles in my back encouraged the first visit.

REBECCA:    Nelson made me go to that first class.  I had done a few drop in yoga classes in the city before but they were too advanced and intimidating and I didn't get any connection or pleasure out of them.  So with his push, we went to our first gentle flow and it was great; the perfect pace, a calm atmosphere, and helpful and kind instruction.  
And those reasons are why I continue to practice at Be Free!  I've had the pleasure of practicing under four of the instructors there and they've all been so patient, supportive and genuine.  


What has been the biggest benefit of your yoga practice?

N:  The range of movement that I have obtained is awesome (I can touch my toes now!) and recognizing other areas with problemswith the help of Katie. (basically my left side is “messed up”).

R:  Strength, hands down.  I've been an avid bicycler for years but since starting yoga I found that I have much more strength and endurance on my rides.   


What has been the biggest non physical benefit of your yoga practice?

N:   Noticing the mental side. Distraction is a obstacle and trying to focus while holding positions especially in shavasana is a work in progress. The breath is the key.

R:   The biggest non physical benefit for me is that it's teaching me to breathe through life.  I'm a fairly anxious person and carry a lot of self inflicted tension.  Yoga has helped me to put things into perspective and given me tools to work through things that seem larger than me or that use to overwhelm me.  I've also taken the practice of setting an intention, which we do before a class, into my everyday.  It keeps me focused and thankful.


What is your favourite class and why?

N:   I guess All Levels flow. You never know how close it is going to be to Gentle or Power flow.

R:   I recently tried a power flow and even though it kicked my butt, I loved it!  I feel like I earned my shavasana at the end of it ;)
All levels flow is my favorite though.  It's challenging and calming at the same time. 


Would you recommend Be Free Yoga why or why not?

N:   Would definitely recommend Be Free! The atmosphere in the studio, all the teachers that I have had and Katie have made that space very welcoming. Also a little hesitant to spread the gospel of Be Free (not really) but I like the small class sizes with having 3 or 4 one on one practices with great benefit.  

R:  I would and do recommend Be Free all the time!  Be Free is very inviting, boutique type studio and Katie  (and all the instructors I've met so far) is so knowledgeable and genuine.  

Questions for Charlotte....

What was your favourite part about kids camp?

I liked making the eye mask out of socks.  It smelled so good.
The kids and teacher were nice.


What is your favourite yoga pose?



Anything else Charlotte would like to add :) 

I want to do yoga with Mom and Dad and Katie - all at the same time.