Client Profile Doug

We met Doug back in January when he came for his first class at Be Free Yoga. We've gotten to know him better over the last few months and enjoy having him in regularly for our noon hour classes. Its been amazing to have Doug become a part of our community and to watch his practice flourish. 

Why did you start coming to yoga? And why did you keep coming?

I first started  yoga quite a few years ago, perhaps as many ad 15, due to lower back problems I was having. For one reason or another my practice tapered off until it completely dropped out of my life.  I picked it up again just recently for the same reason I started in the first place, back maintenance.  Another concern I have as I get older is maintaining my flexibility.  This is another reason I started again.

I try to attend yoga sessions regularly, but sometimes life gets in the way. I find that when I am able attend yoga practice regularly, not only does my back feel better, but I feel better generally, and my mood is also improved.  I really enjoy my yoga practice at Be Free Yoga as the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and are genuinely concerned about their students' well being.  The lunch hour sessions are also a major reason why I am able to continue with my practice.  It is very convenient for me to go during my lunch break, returning to work re-energized and ready to tackle the rest my day.

What has been the biggest benefit of your yoga practice both physical and non physical?

I have noticed many benefits from my practice at Be Free Yoga.  One of the greatest benefits I have received is improved back health.  When I don't attend regular yoga practice by back health quickly degenerates.  Another benefit is improved mood.  By improving my mood, I also improve my outlook and my confidence.  It feels like I have more energy.  Finally, I consider the new friends I have made at Be Free Yoga a great benefit.  They always make me feel welcome and comfortable.

What is your favourite class and why?

I currently only attend the lunch hour All Levels Flow or Gentle Flow classes and I have been enjoying them very much.  As a re-beginner, these classes are at just the right level and speed for me.  The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful.  They provide guidance and careful adjustments when my poses are not quite right, and they also let me know when I am doing well.  I have really grown to enjoy the quotes that are frequently read at the end of the classes during the final Savasana pose.

Would you recommend Be Free Yoga to others

Yes.  I would definitely recommend Be Free Yoga to others based on the excellent experience I have had so far.   I look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship full of growth and yoga poses.