Stepping into Grace

Part of our new offerings is to bring you an even deeper experience on and off your yoga mat. I have been working on a new way to enhance your practice, and have been incredibly inspired by the concept of grace.

Of how we move through our practice, how we move through this world. Are we moving intentionally and deliberately, being present and creating a state of steadiness and ease both on and off our mat? Or are we falling lazily into habits, doing what is easy, disconnected and clumsy?

This time of year we are in the hustle of the holidays and can often feel like the opposite of grace, just doing our best to get through and get by. Commit to presence, to self compassion, to yourself in the new year and join us at our new location in Sculpt Fit. 

Our classes starting in January will carry this theme of Stepping into Grace, attuning to the subtleties of our movements through our physical, mental , and emotional bodies.