Holding space for you.

I continue to feel honored to hold space for each and everyone of you, every single time you show up, and I know all the teachers feel the same. Everytime we step on the mat is a new experience, we are in a different place, have a different set of needs, whether it's a drastic difference, or a subtle change. 

Be Free Yoga was a dream of mine for over 6 years and has been a living and breathing place for almost 3 years. As I continue to grow and evolve so does Be Free Yoga. What we want to bring to the table, and what you as the community tell us you are needing. We want to continue to serve you as your practice evolves, as your needs change, as your life moves forward. We have been working and reworking, and reimagining, and dreaming new ways in which to show up for you, to hold space for you, to add value to your life, to support you in your journey. 

In the fall we will be offering some new classes to the schedule, as well as offering new and inspiring workshops. We heard your feedback and we are bringing it forth in some new platforms. Over the next month we will be releasing all the ins and outs of the offerings, so make sure you check your inbox, and watch our social media posts to be the first to know. 

For now here is a little teaser: more self care (meditation is making a comeback), more conversation around mental health (we are bringing in the experts), more fun (think arm balances), more bliss (like right in the middle of the week to keep you going), and more freedom.