What is a Freedom Session?

 It is powerful and healing to create space for yourself, to support yourself, to fully nourish yourself. Freedom Sessions are private one on one workshops where you get to choose exactly what you are needing, wanting, craving. 

Freedom Sessions gives you the chance to really care for yourself, nurture yourself, support yourself. Freedom sessions can be a combination of yoga, meditation, reiki, and working through the Free Woman Movement course. We work together to find the right amalgamation of services to support your journey.

I feel incredibly honoured to show up in this way for you, to provide offerings that care for and nurture you.  I have taught private yoga, meditation and reiki classes for individuals and small groups for over six years and they are easily my favourite way to hold space. The connection and personalized experience is different than what you experience in a group setting as you are choosing what you want from  your Freedom Session. 

 I personally know the power of working one on one with someone to guide me through meditations, and practices designed specifically for me, to gift myself that time to care for me. Its transformative, and nothing short of magical. 

I would be honoured to hold space for you, to guide you through healing practices, to care for you and connect with you as you care for, and connect to yourself in the process. 

Have more questions or are ready to book your Freedom Session?  

I look forward to seeing you on your mat!