Be Free Yoga is Evolving

We are making a shift in the new year that we are very excited about.

 At the end of November we are moving from our current  studio space and shifting to the beautiful Sculpt Fit studio. We are excited to join forces to offer you a new, inclusive experience with with Sculpt Fit Spruce Grove.

By shifting from our studio space and collaborating with Sculpt Fit, Be Free Yoga will become more available and accessible for you and our community. Mental health is a topic that I hold near and dear to my heart and the ast while has been challenging for me personally. By making this shift I am able to care for my own health as well we are able to grow and expand the Be Free Project, offering more classes within our community and bringing the tools of yoga and meditation to more people.

Nothing at the studio will be changing until the end of November, so that means all the awesome classes and workshops we are running are still happening. Classes and workshops will shift to Sculpt Fit starting January 2018.  

In the new year, Be Free Yoga will be changing the way the classes are run and how our passes work.  Be Free Yoga will be offering 4-6 classes a week out of the Sculpt Fit Studio on a pre-registered basis.  In addition, we will offer one workshop a month that will compliment your practice. With our modal shifting to pre-registered classes we are able to better support you in the growth of your practice.

You can expect available classes and workshops to sign up for by early October. We would love to hear your feedback in what types of classes and workshops you would be interested in attending. 

We are here for you in this transition and time of growth, if you need anything please feel free to reach out.  As we evolve Be Free Yoga we are growing together as a collective and I look forward to embracing this journey together with you.