Meet Rachelle

We are very excited to welcome Rachelle to the Be Free Yoga community. She has a passion for prenatal yoga and has a strong sense of community. We asked her a few questions about her love for prenatal yoga and why community is important to her. 


Why are you passionate about Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences any women can hope to have in her life.  Although this precious time might not always be glamorous and easy for everyone, one thing remains consistent throughout each pregnancy- you are creating life!   
The ability to create and carry another human life for 9 months, to me, is one of the most amazing things we as humans get to experience.  

The female body during this time is incredibly powerful.  This power deserves to be honored and held with great care and attention.  

Prenatal yoga allows expecting mothers to prepare their bodies for the physical act of labor, their minds for the inherent fear and misconceptions that will arise, and the chance to embrace the time and space they need for themselves throughout this exciting time.
Prenatal yoga is something that whether you're experienced or not in the practice of yoga, you will find a benefit.  Every expecting mother should come to her will be amazing what you find.

What do you hope to bring to the women in your Prenatal Classes?

I have designed my workshop so that each mother can have the opportunity to learn something new, have a platform to ask questions, and get up and move!  

I hope to challenge your thinking of what you think you can do, compared to what you WILL do during this time.  I hope to provide useful information around topics that aren't always discussed, and answer the looming questions that every mother has.  

And ultimately I want to create a space during our time together that allows for growth, tenderness and care.

I get the feeling from you that community is important, why do you think a sense of community is necessary? 

The word community to me can be replaced by the word "home".  To me, they truly are one in the same. 
Within my home, I have different pieces to my puzzle.  These puzzle pieces make up who I am.  These pieces don't stop at my parents and siblings.  It extends to my friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches etc.  Without all of these "pieces", I wouldn't be who I am today.
These "pieces" are my community.
My community made me who I am.  So I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by a wonderful community.  

My goal is to ensure that I am being that best piece possible to someone else's puzzle.  I want to look back and know I was a big part of their community.