Why yoga on the weekend?

Throughout the week it can be easier to schedule your yoga practice in between work and running errands. I often see the same people during the week coming to class and showing up for their practice, but I don't always see them on the weekends.

It can be more challenging to to show up on the weekends when sleeping in is more tempting then hitting your mat. What would happen if you carried your yoga practice over in to the weekends?

Morning practice is a great way to gently wake the body, getting the blood flowing and re lengthening the muscles after a nights rest. 

Setting an intention for your practice leaves you feeling inspired and more connected to your centre, by bringing this off your mat it can set you up for a great day. Starting your day and your weekend off in a positive mind set.

When you take time to connect with your breath in the morning you are more likely to reconnect with it throughout the day when things can become busy or overwhelming. 

By keeping it apart of your routine on the weekend it makes it easier to come to your mat again on Monday. 

Personally I enjoy teaching the weekend classes as there is a softer feel around the studio, I love watching the students slowly wake themselves and their bodies and leave feeling refreshed and excited for the weekend. When I am able to practice on the weekends it sets me up for the week ahead, moving in to Monday more grounded and at ease.