Why Be Free Yoga?

I have been doing a lot of work around the "why" lately, why we do what we do.

When we know the why we can show up more fully and more tuned in, or if we don't have a why, and we aren't really loving what we have going on we can step away from whats not working. 

Why Be Free Yoga? 

I wanted to create a comfortable, safe place for people to land, where when upon entering the doors they instantly feel soothed, hugged and warm. When we feel this way it is easier to tune into ourselves. We feel safe enough to let go and connect with our body, our breath and ourselves. 

For the most part we wander through our day disconnected, in autopilot, unsure about how we actually feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Or we are so afraid of feeling anything unpleasant we turn ourselves off, and tune out. 

How are we supposed to live an authentic life if we don't even know how we are feeling, or how we want to feel, or what we even want. If we are disconnected we aren't making decisions based in our truth, we are merely guessing or trying to please others. 

My goal with Be Free Yoga is to give people that safe space to turn inwards, to connect, to get out of their heads and into their bodies, and their heart space. When we connect to that space we start to know what we actually want, what is serving us, and what is holding us back. Then we can proceed to clear away the excess, and embrace what is nurturing us.

In order to access all this information we need to get quiet, get still and FEEL. What we need is less numbing as a way of life and more FEELING, we have all the information and answers we need inside of us, if only we will listen.