Yoga for stress relief.

As I sit behind the desk and sign students in for class, I can feel the busy energy, the sense of urgency and overwhelm, as many people are rushing to get in to class. Even as I enter the studio I can still feel the high buzz, busy energy. But as the class starts and people begin to connect with their breath and start to tune into their body I can feel the shift in the energy. It feels, more calm, grounded and peaceful. 

I have heard many times over from yoga practitioners "Yoga is my saving grace" and I also feel the same way. Its a time in your day where you can come to your mat, feel your bare feet touch the ground, and notice the movement of your breath in and out through the nose. For a period of time you can let your busyness melt away and give yourself the attention you deserve. 

There have been many studies done in the last few years proving the positive effects of yoga and meditation on stress, and anxiety. The deep breathing more meditative side of yoga calms the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight) which we spend most of our day in, as we navigate the to do list, and juggle our schedule. So taking the time to let the Sympathetic Nervous System rest lowers blood pressure, and allows the adrenals to settle.  Even taking 10 minutes a day to sit and connect with your breath, allows you to carry a more grounded mind frame throughout your day. 

After class as I watch people leave and send them on their way, the energy is always much quieter and more calm. I call it yoga brain, being in that state of ease and lightness, this yoga is some powerful stuff.