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Katie Jolicoeur
Teacher, Studio Owner

Having discovered yoga in her late teens Katie finally found a safe place to land and just be with her breath. Struggling through many of her teenage years with anxiety and depression, only finding solstice in her horses she quickly fell in love with the magic of yoga. By learning to connect her breath with movement there was finally a silence in the inner critic, there were moments of self love and self discovery. After practicing for a few years Katie knew she had to share this gift of yoga with others, and as many people as she could. The dream of Be Free Yoga was born. 

Having over 600 hours of technical yoga training Katie's roots are strongly planted in Moksha, and vinyasa yoga training. She approaches the practice from a very anatomical stand point, but loves the ability to be creative in her sequencing. She has a calm leadership style that will leave you feeling peaceful throughout and at the end of your class, while having the ability to gently guide you deeper into postures to find your inner and outer strength. 

Lindsay Kristiansen

In the summer of 2011, I found excitement in a regular yoga practice. It all started with a personal challenge and quickly became a lifestyle change. Prior to this time I had spent a lot of time playing soccer, running, and generally keeping active. Finding yoga helped compliment my active lifestyle as well as assisting me in learning to cope with my demanding job as a special education elementary school teacher.

Through the next several years’ yoga became a part of my daily life and the people I met through my practice became less like people beside me in the hot room and more like family. In August 2013 I broke my heel and required major surgery. As a result of the prospect of a long and uncertain recovery I often felt slightly adrift, the yoga community kept me grounded and supported me immensely throughout my rehabilitation. It was during my rehabilitation where I found my love for Yin. The silence, long holds and challenge of staying present was just what my body had been looking for. I am so grateful for what yoga has done for my life; it has provided me with the chance to find a sense of balance in this crazy and unpredictable world.

Keira Burgess

Intrigued and inspired by all that yoga has to offer, I was introduced to yoga by a friend, and haven't looked back since. With experience as an Irish Dancer in my youth, I found an immediate comfort in the physical connection of yoga. As my experience with yoga grows, so does my awareness of the beauty of the mental, spiritual, energetic and universal connections that yoga has to offer.

One of the most spectacular qualities of yoga is that it shows us that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for; whether in stillness or action, strength or surrender, expressing or understanding.

It is my intention as a yoga teacher to encourage my students; to "en-cour-age" them - to get them into their hearts, so that they may find, feel, understand and express the love within themselves.

I believe a yoga teacher is someone who has fallen in love with yoga; someone who is always curious and thirsty for more experience and understanding, someone who begins anew and falls in love with yoga for a new reason every day, and most importantly, someone who wishes to share this transformative gift and practice with others so that they too may fall in love.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kassandra Sadler

I started my yoga training in early 2013 and was forever changed.  Yoga has brought me inner peace, strength, and wisdom.  Being the anxious person I am,yoga has helped bring balance to my life.  I'm honoured to be able to bring that same balance and joy to others through my teaching.  I believe myself to have a very authentic style of teaching and always teach from the heart.  As a teacher and student, I think it is so important to take the time for ourselves each day, whether it be yoga or something as simple as a walk outside.  Our society nowadays is so fast-paced and overstimulating.  Again, I find yoga can help bring balance to our busy lives and offer numerous benefits to our overall health.  Aside from yoga, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, cooking (when I have the time), reading, travelling, as well as a hot cup of tea, full glass of wine, and chocolate :) I am honoured to be a part of Be Free Yoga and am looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces there!


Stephanie Lyka

Yoga has been a part of my life for the last 4 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, and more stable on and off my mat. Yoga is my way to move, ground and release excess energy back into the world. I completed my 200 hr training from empowered yoga in 2013. I will always be a student and am grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me. My hope is to inspire my students to take their practice off their mats, and find peace throughout their day.


Amber Solberg

I started practicing yoga about 4 years ago and it has changed my life.  I started practicing for the physical benefits but haven’t received so much more.  To me yoga is about uniting the mind and body, I feel in our fast paced society we lose so much connection to our feeling self. As our bodies allow us to be present in the world I feel that connecting to our feeling self is so important and that by listening and moving we can better both our physical and mental health as well as find a little more light in the things that we do. 

I am someone who has a lot of anxiety so yoga has allowed me to be more calm and taught me to take time for myself. Both of these things have allowed me to become a better mother, wife, friend and individual.  I took the leap to become a teacher in 2014 and have been so grateful that I did.  My goal is to not only continue to better myself but hopefully to allow others to better themselves through movement. If I can help or guide one person to lead a better and happier life I will be forever grateful. 

Aside from yoga I enjoy spending time with my family, playing volleyball and softball, reading, cooking and travelling and a good glass of red wine. I am so thankful to be named amongst the great team that Be Free Yoga has, can’t wait to see you in class!

Jenn Crebas

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